Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Natalia and I am a native Spanish speaker, English Philologist and English,Catalan>Spanish Spanish<>Catalan Translator and Proof-reader.



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Do you need to translate a document?

You can count on me to provide the expertise you need.


Efficient time management in order to meet the deadline agreed with the client


I work with CAT Tools to keep consistency and coherence throughout the text.

Keep things simple!

Leave the hassle aside. Hiring a professional linguist is the best choice


I will handle your translations with the utmost professionalism and dedication to offer you a tailored solution.

Revision of the final version of the translated text to produce even better translation results in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Make sure your text is error-free!

Cultural aspects are not a minor issue. If your text is targeted at a European Spanish audience, then I can adapt the language to the local needs.

Get your audio files into written documents. Transcriptions are usually applied for interviews, speeches, group talks and conferences.
Get your message across! A clear and precise text has more impact into your audience. I can help you organise ideas, rearrange sentences correctly, get rid of ambiguities and ultimately make your text shine.

Machine Translation Post Editing is a common practice that uses artificial intelligence to translate large quantities of text in very short timeframes followed by the subsequent revision of a human translator.


Every text faces a challenge to me and I make every effort to achieve a top result in each job. I will provide accuracy of spelling, grammar, punctuation and ensure that any technical terminology is represented accurately .

Keeping consistency across the text is key as it ensures cohesion. As a professional translator, I will verify that consistency throughout your text is achieved. In order to make that happen, I use CAT tools (translation software) to help with this, especially if working on large texts, as well as field-specific glossaries and your preferred terminology.

The lack of understanding of cultural awareness can lead to costly and embarrassing mistakes. As part of a quality job, I will take account of local standards, legal requirements and social rules, ensuring your content sounds genuine to a local audience.

Translating your company`s values with quality

Competent and affordable rates

 If you are not familiar with the translation universe or have any enquiries feel free to check out the Frequent Asked Questions section or shoot your questions at me.