Which is my language combination?

My working combination is English / Catalan>Spanish, since I always translate into my mother tongue. The comprehensive knowledge and background that I have of the many language components such as semantics, syntax, morphology and lexicology allow me to use these elements instinctively and create a text that is based on the meaning of words within a given context and not just on the translation of isolated words. Cultural elements shall also be observed in order to carry out a successful translation. When you translate into your first language it just comes naturally.

What is the cost of a translation?

It depends. Generally speaking, translation rates are usually calculated upon the number of words in the source document on one side, and the lexical difficulty, amount of words, urgency or the client’s demands on the other. Besides, there are some works that may require an hourly rate. That is why I much prefer to have a previous assessment of the text in order to offer a personalized quotation. Even so, my rates are affordable and broadly aligned with the service provided.

How long does it take the translation of a document?

The workload I can roughly assume is 1500 / 2000 words per day. On that base I can build on my time planning for carrying out all the necessary research and proofreading before delivering it to the client.

Sorry… I do not take on sworn translations

Sworn translations are mostly required by public or official bodies and they should bear the signature and seal of a certified translator. At this respect I must say that even though I am not a sworn translator that is not preventing me from developing my career in an absolutely professional way. The world of translation is broad and many different kinds of texts have a place in it.

CAT tools

SDL Trados Studio is my main working tool. This is especially useful on regular assignments where the repetition of words and recurrent vocabulary require special care and attention in order to keep lexical and terminological coherence.